Liver Biopsy Procedure

A liver biopsy is completed by our trained El Paso gastroenterologist using a special needle that is inserted between two of your lower ribs on the right side. This needle is then used to remove a very small sample of your liver tissue, which is then sent to a lab and examined for irregularities.

This procedure is typically ordered if there is a suspicion of any liver problems or as a preventative measure against disease or damage. At GastroCare of El Paso, our board certified doctor and staff specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases affecting the liver.

Why is a Liver Biopsy Completed?

Although there are many purposes of a liver biopsy, it is usually conducted if tests suggest that your liver is not working properly. If your blood contains too much copper or iron or high levels of liver enzymes, your doctor may decide to look at the liver tissue to determine the cause. This test allows us to establish what is causing the problem and whether your liver is healthy.

A liver biopsy may be done in order to:

  • Find the cause of jaundice
  • Find the cause of ongoing fever
  • Find whether a medicine is damaging the liver
  • Check out a liver mass found in testing
  • Check for specific liver conditions or disease
  • Check up on the function of a liver transplant

You should inform your doctor if you are on medication. Some medication may interfere with the accuracy of results.

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